Our Services

Media Relations

How you handle the media can either make or mar your business. Thus, it is a huge responsibility – one you can trust us with. We develop media insights, create content and manage tools to ensure you get maximum positive impact across all targeted media platforms where your stakeholders can be reached.

Crisis Management

We are your pro-active and reactive plug. We develop custom made crisis management manuals to help manage risks and strategically combat crisis, Alongside, we monitor public perception during crisis and post-crisis.

Government / Legislative Liaison

We work with the legislative and government agencies to help you achieve your goals. This goes with offering you advisory services, based on developing government regulations that could affect your business and projects.

Media Training

Our team of experts specialize in training C-level management staff on dealing with the media at all times, especially during crisis.

Events Management

Have an event? Put your feet up, while we plan and execute every detail of your event/seminar/conference/ workshop – to your satisfaction.

Financial/Investor Relations

Our team manages communication with your investors and builds mutually beneficial relationships with them, from inquiry to organizing meetings to analyzing financial data.

Etiquette/Customer Service Training

We go the extra mile to equip you with valuable skills for your personal and business needs. Our etiquette unit organizes training for schools and corporate clients, aimed at honing the skills of trainees with good manners, social graces and poise that denotes excellence in the business environment and society at large.